Introducing: 10 days, 10 ways you can Shimmer

Brought to you by Shimmer & our partners.

Ready? 10 days, 10 ways you can Shimmer!

In celebration of ADHD Awareness Month, over the next 10 days, each day we’ll bring you useful resources, actionable tips, and FREEBIES from our amazing and generous partners!

The content will be launched here on the blog & on Instagram. Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive access to the freebies.

Each day, we’ll be exploring a theme and how it relates to ADHD. Here’s a sneak peak:

1️⃣ ADHD Community with ADDA, Flow Club

2️⃣ ADHD Tools & systems with Caveday, ADHD reWired

3️⃣ Financial health with Sequin, ADHD Money

4️⃣ Work health with Zen, Cultiveit

5️⃣ Womxn empowerment with Ruth Health, Mina Health, Illuminate Universe

6️⃣ Mental health with Letters to Strangers, Humans Anonymous

7️⃣ Family with Parallel Learning, Joon

8️⃣ Relationships with Agape

9️⃣ Intersectionality with Goodie Nation, Minwo, Asian Mental Health Project, Mannmukti

🔟 ADHD Coaching with our Shimmer coaches: Xenia & Noelle

Thank you to our generous partners for being awesome (and for the freebies)!

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