7 tools and systems built for your ADHD

Day 2 of “10 days, 10 ways you can Shimmer”. Brought to you by Shimmer, Caveday, and reWired

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October 11, 2022

Today marks the 2nd day of our “10 days, 10 ways you can Shimmer” campaign, where you’ll get lots of resources, tips and freebies!

Have YOU found the tools and systems that are right for YOU?

We’ve got your back with today’s theme: ADHD Tools and Systems

What works for ADHD can work for anyone. But the systems and tools that most people find helpful often miss the mark for those of us with ADHD. And the tools that do work for us aren’t just helpful - they’re often vitally necessary to function.

Finding the tools and systems that work best for you might take some experimentation - so we’re here to help you take the first step on YOUR ADHD journey.

Tool Ideas to Get Started With

  1. Bullet Journaling - The bullet journal method is a great solution for those of us (looking at myself here) that have a mountain of notebooks and planners we used for a week, or a day, then gave up on because it wasn’t quite what we needed. And it’s cheap - all you need is a notebook, any notebook, and a pen. With a variety of templates, you can choose whatever planning/tracking/notetaking/scheduling layout works best for you day by day. Check out this guide for more info!
  2. Pomodoros - Pomodoro is a time-management technique that works well for many ADHDers because it breaks work into short, manageable chunks with built-in break times. Use a regular kitchen timer, or this handy online timer.
  3. Home Command Center - A dedicated spot near the front door, or in a communal area like the kitchen for a family calendar or hooks for keys. This can serve as a drop-off point for outgoing mail, wallets, or anything you might misplace. Ready for an inspiration rabbit-hole? Check out these ideas.
  4. Focus apps - Forest is a great one for your phone. For internet browsers, try Freedom or SelfControl.
  5. Clear Bins - Organization strategies typically aim for getting things out of sight - but with ADHD, out of sight is literally out of mind. Using clear storage bins may not look as nice, but it helps ensure you know what is stored where, because you can see it.
  6. Trackers - Tile is one of the more well-known trackers, but there are others, like Apple’s AirTag. They make slim, credit card sized-ones for your wallet and keychains, and even small, button-sized trackers that stick directly to remotes and other devices.
  7. Body doubling - Flow Club, reWired Adult Study Hall, and CaveDay are 3 of many online locations you can find body doubling community. Join our newsletter to get 1 month off of each of the services—no strings attached! You can also go to a busy cafe, work with a friend, or even just call a friend for makeshift body doubling!

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