FOR Teens

ADHD Coaching for Teens

Inspired by our original ADHD coaching program for adults, adapted for the unique challenges of learners aged 14-18

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You've asked, we're listening

Shimmer is dedicated to helping individuals with ADHD live the thriving life they deserve. Since launching, we’ve dedicated over 3,000 hours to coaching adults with ADHD.

Time after time, our members have asked the question “can you help my kid too?”, and (almost) finally we can say yes!

What we can help with

Managing Time
Balancing School, Social & Family
Organizing Activities & Tasks
Career Exploration
Studying for Tests & Exams
Goal Setting & Prioritization
Completing Assignments
Follow-through on Goals
Improving Productivity
Developing Identity & Independence
Accessing Various Resources
how shimmer works

Ready to own your ADHD?

Enter Shimmer’s safe space where you’re heard, understood, and celebrated. Where living with ADHD is not just about coping, but about thriving. Here’s how you’ll journey towards your goals with us.

1:1 support with an expert ADHD Coach

Our specialized, expert ADHD coaches are here to elevate YOU. Meet your new partner in crime—we see you, and get you.

Routines, skills & resources - built for you

Yes, we have ADHD tips & tricks, but that’s not the point. You will work with your coach to experiment and build routines that fit into YOUR life.

Science-backed methods, lasting change

Our method is built on the latest science-backed strategies and has been proven to work on real ADHD lives, like yours.


World-class ADHD care team who will elevate you

Each of our ADHD coaches has a unique coaching style. No matter who you work with, you can expect exceptional 1:1 support.

Anil Chacko, PhD
Clinical Lead
Coach Xenia
Coaching Psychologist & Supervisor
Coach Alex
Lead Coach & Community Manager
Coach Maren
ADHD Coach
Coach James
ADHD Coach
Coach Beth
ADHD Coach
Coach Noelle
ADHD Coach & Sr. Editor
Coach Ramesha
ADHD Coach
Coach Brayden
ADHD Coach
Coach Gary
ADHD Coach
Coach Cailey
ADHD Coach
Coach Tamara
ADHD Coach
Coach Tory
ADHD Coach

Coach accreditation, membership, and certifications


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What is ADHD coaching & how does it work at Shimmer?

Shimmer’s ADHD coaching is about change. We help you achieve change in any (and often all) domains of your life, with a keen eye on ADHD-specific challenges. We practice a solution-focused, health coaching model with an emphasis on observable actions & behaviors. Shimmer’s ADHD Coaching Program looks at the key dimensions where life takes place for people with ADHD:

- ⏰ Time: managing the past, present, and future
- ⭕ Done: starting, following through, and finishing things
- ⏯️ Pause: emotional regulation

Our ADHD coaches partner with you to co-design a plan that helps you achieve your goals. You'll experiment with strategies on a weekly basis to implement a routine fit specifically for you.

Tactically, each coach-member partnership begins with vision & goal setting, followed by a weekly cadence of experimentation & reflection cycle, delivered through:- real-human guidance & accountability on a frequent basis,- science-backed methods (ADHD-focused classic & third-wave CBT)- modern application of psychological sciences (prospective, positive, health, neuro-)- personalized experiments of strategies that work for ADHD brains

What kind of time commitment do I have to make?

Shimmer is designed to fit into your schedule — not the other way around. Your coach will design and schedule your tasks based on what's realistic for you and can make changes during the week to accommodate your busy life.

Can I use my HSA, FSA or HRA to expense Shimmer?

Yes you can! We are HSA/FSA/HRA-eligible.

This means if you have a Health Savings Account, Flexible Savings Account, or Health Reimbursement Arrangement with your employer, you can pay for Shimmer using your card from one of these accounts. You can also submit our invoices for reimbursement to your provider if you forget to use the card provided by them for your subscription.

Some providers may require you to submit a letter of necessity for this expense, please reach out to us at if you need any help with getting your subscription reimbursed by your HSA/FSA/HRA provider!

How do I become a Shimmer ADHD Coach?

We’re so glad you’re interested! We’re looking for licensed coaches (ICF or NBHWC preferred) or licensed mental health professionals (e.g., PhD, PsyD, LCSW, LMFT, etc.) specializing in ADHD. Shimmer coaches are passionate to help others, kind & empathetic, and most of us are living with ADHD ourselves. If you're interested in applying, fill out this form and we'll reach out if it's a good fit!

Can I reschedule or cancel a session?

We understand that life doesn't always go according to plan. Shimmer members can cancel or reschedule a coaching video call without penalty 24 hours in advance. If cancellation is within 24 hours, the session will be forfeited for the week. Thank you for your understanding!