Fostering Love & Spreading Joy in the Family

Day 7 of “10 days, 10 ways you can Shimmer”. Brought to you by Shimmer, Joon, and Parallel.

Published on
October 18, 2022

Today kicks off day 7 of our “10 days, 10 ways you can Shimmer” campaign, and the theme is: Family.

ADHD is about the whole family! Everyone has a role to play.

But, navigating family life can be tough. According to WebMD, even if one family member has ADHD, it can affect life satisfaction for everyone in the family, and often means increased conflict, depression, and other problems. Considering the fact that ADHD has a genetic component, it’s also much more likely that multiple family members have it, compounding the chaos.

Today we are bringing you tons of resources, tips & freebies, to help you navigate YOUR family life.

Here are some ways to spread the love:

  1. Reach out. Early intervention is always ideal. ADHD can look very different from person to person, so even if a family member doesn’t seem to show symptoms, it’s best to have everyone evaluated, just in case. If there are family system challenges such as frequent conflict, or even just general chaos, a family therapist can help.
  2. Be kind. To yourself, just as much as to other family members. ADHD can be challenging, and everyone is going to make mistakes. Compassion, patience, forgiveness…they may not come easily, but they help smooth bumps in the road. Make sure expectations you set for yourself and others in the family are reasonable, and flexible as much as possible.
  3. Work together. Ever notice that it’s near impossible to complete self-care tasks for yourself, but when it comes to someone you care about, you always remember when they need their meds, what physical therapy exercises they need, when their soccer practice is? Use it! With such creative minds, ADHDers are excellent problem-solvers. Put your heads together, and find systems that work for everyone.

A note & freebies from our partners

For day 7, our partners are Joon & Parallel. Hear from them about why Family in the ADHD community is important:

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Thank you for tuning in, and remember to keep an eye out for the next 3 days for more resources, tips, and freebies!

With love,

The Shimmer Team

Thank you to our partners: Joon & Isaac Eaves (Joon, Co-founder & CEO), Parallel & Diana Heldfond (Parallel, Founder & CEO)

Thank you to doctors: Dr. Jordan Wright, Ph.D. (Parallel, Chief Clinical Officer) and Dr. Anil Chacko Ph.D (Shimmer, Advisor and Clinical Lead)

And to our content team: Noelle Daoire (Shimmer, ADHD Coach), and Molisha Shah (Shimmer, Founders Associate)

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