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Every person with ADHD reaches their full potential, their way

Shimmer was designed for those who are special, misunderstood, and don’t fit in the “normal” mould. We see you, understand you, and are committed to helping you thrive. We’re about accessibility, fun, growth, and hope. Join us, to find out what we can achieve together. Because you're amazing.

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Note from the Founder

"My life was paved with "too" this, "can't" that, & "stop" these: Chris, you're too talkative, too disruptive, can't listen, can't follow instructions, stop moving, stop daydreaming, sit in the corner... I was always “wrong”. I always felt wrong. Now, I know better."

—Chris Wang,
Co-founder & CEO

core principles

Our Guiding Values

Unconditional Positive Regard

We’re proud to foster an environment where each individual’s unique lived experiences is not only respected but celebrated. Our products are designed for all.


Integration, not isolation. Collaboration, not competition. Innovative solutions blossom when we work with each other: we build with the ADHD community—doctors, psychologists, coaches, other organizations, and our members.

Growth as a constant

We ask questions & challenge the status quo, leading with curiosity. We strive to better ourselves and deepen our impact on the community.

The Shimmer

It’s not enough to exist, we live to thrive. We are constantly seeking ways to brighten someone’s day, add sparkle to another experience, and push the boundaries beyond ‘ordinary’.

Care Team

Our Care Leadership Team

Each of our expert ADHD coaches brings a blend of certified expertise and lived experience to to supporting our neurodiverse community. Our coaching team works as a unit—you can expect the highest quality of supervision, training, and support for our ADHD coaches.

Anil Chacko, PhD
Clinical Lead
Coach Xenia
Coaching Psychologist & Supervisor
Coach Alex
Lead Coach & Community Manager
Coach Noelle
ADHD Coach & Sr. Editor

Coach accreditation, membership, and certifications

Core team

The Core Operational Team

Christal Wang
Co-Founder, CEO

Chris was pursuing her dual masters in business & public health (MBA/MPH) from UC Berkeley Haas when she was diagnosed with ADHD & took a leave to start Shimmer. After frustratingly failing to find quality, affordable, culturally-competent, behavioral care for ADHD, Shimmer ADHD Coaching was born.

Vikram Sreedhar
Co-Founder, CTO

Vikram graduated from Stanford University, was a SWE/PM at Salesforce, and founded a non-profit called Make A Difference (M.A.D.) Together. He loves bridging his web, application, and AI development expertise with his passion for social impact.

Amanda Norman
Customer Success Specialist

Amanda is a UCLA alumni and Fulbright-Hays recipient, who has worked across multiple startups in marketing, recruiting, and customer success roles. She's passionate about making ADHD care accessible for all and loves fostering a supportive community for people who might not find this support anywhere else.

Molisha Shah
Founder's Associate

Molisha is a student at UC Berkeley studying Cognitive Science and Business Administration. Prior to Shimmer, she co-founded a social enterprise focused on providing education to the youth of India through illustrated children’s books.

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