Shimmer Launches First Affordable ADHD Coaching and Accountability Platform for Adults

After 4 months of beta testing, we’re excited to finally offer Shimmer to the public!

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October 12, 2022

Chris here—one of the co-founders of Shimmer. We’re thrilled and humbled to share our launch to a community that’s very dear to my heart.

Background: My journey with ADHD this year

By age 12, children with ADHD get 20,000 more negative messages about themselves than other kids their age.

I was that kid:

  • who’s desk got pulled to the corner of the classroom, alone and facing the wall
  • who was publicly kicked out of ballet class for talking too much and disrupting others
  • who was constantly told I was wrong: “too talkative”, “too disruptive”, “can't listen”, “can't follow instructions”, “stop moving”, “stop daydreaming”

Only this year, decades later, after getting diagnosed with ADHD, am I starting to re-write my narrative. Getting clarity on my ADHD changed how I looked at so much of my life—past, present, and future. I had a newfound “reason” for my behaviors, and there was a gradual lifting of the shame I felt over the years. So much of who I am started making more sense, starting feeling more “right”. Similar to when I first came out as queer, I also found myself propelled into a new community of amazing individuals.

Like true ADHD hyperfocus fashion, I went down the ADHD rabbit hole—the science, facts, strengths, weaknesses, philosophies, care options, and community. My co-founder Vik & I interviewed hundreds of: psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, business owners, coaches, and individuals. Today, I’m bursting with excitement to share what we found, and how we hope to help in the space.

An overview of ADHD & the space: What, why, problems & building blocks

What is ADHD & why is it important?

  • The neurodevelopmental condition known as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is massive; according to the renowned ADHD authority, Dr. Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D., 13 million American adults (4-5%) deal with its impacts every day.
  • ADHD may make it difficult to regulate emotions and complete everyday tasks at work and at home. It often leads to anxiety, depression, relationship problems, personal/professional stress and disruption, substance abuse, and more.
  • The impacts of ADHD disproportionately affect women, BIPOC individuals, and those from lower-income families. For example, 50-75% of women with ADHD go undiagnosed and there are massive trickle down effects to self-esteem, self-worth, and other conditions like anxiety and depression.

Problems we’ve identified in the space

  • Lacking quality, long-term behavioral solution: Current mainstream solutions of medication and psychiatry do not teach the long-term skills nor build the long-term habits necessary for ADHD brains to thrive. Latest literature advocates for mixed treatment, which includes the turbo-charging benefits of coaching.
  • Affordability: For behavioral solutions that do exist, those who need it most have been priced out. ADHD coaching averages $300-600+/mo. but often runs into the thousands, depending on the coach.
  • Confusing, cumbersome process—not ADHD friendly at all: Even if you do have the cash for ADHD coaching, the current way you find one is: jump on free or discounted consultation calls with 5-10 different ADHD coaches, try to get a feel without really knowing the right questions to ask, then needing to pull the trigger on an investment in the thousands without any real guarantee.

Solid foundational building blocks and what we’re hopeful about

  • Deep ocean of tech-based tools & solutions: There are thousands of tech-based tools ranging from productivity apps, to-do lists, calendar integrations, YouTube / TikTok / IG content, app-based self-paced content, body doubling services, the list goes on. We love that they exist, but people with ADHD are left picking them up and putting them down because they don’t have the behavioral science strategies, system & accountability to use them consistently
  • Highly intelligent, creative, ambitious individuals with ADHD: Individuals with ADHD have so much potential—”superpowers” like creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, hyperfocus, problems solving skills, empathy, and sensitivity are often hiding a couple layers beneath our symptoms and self image. Unlocking this has massive potential not only for us but for the world!
  • ~Did you know: Some of the world’s most incredible people have ADHD? Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Emma Watson, Johnny Depp, the list goes on!
  • ~From the firecracker Michelle Price (Director @ ADDA), in conversation with me: “Women with ADHD don't know they have it, and many are thought to be gifted or 'twice exceptional' (2e). But they think they're not. As a twice-exceptional Black woman I have felt isolated for most of my life, until I was diagnosed with ADHD as a 44 y/o adult.”
  • Growing awareness, acceptance, and conversation around neurodiversity and ADHD: 1 in 5 Americans are neurodiverse, and more individuals and corporations are embracing difference as a strength. Managers are making accommodations, neurodiverse contributors are advocating for themselves, and allies all over are standing up for inequities. However, there is much more work to do to shape the world so that neurodiverse individuals can thrive. We invite the wider Shimmer community to join us in our mission!

Taking a strength-based approach (just like our program!), we started with what was right in the space and solved for the problems we saw. We took all this and brought it to one place—Shimmer.

Our novel solution: Shimmer’s 1:1 ADHD coaching experience

Shimmer offers 1:1 coaching for adults with ADHD. Members pay a monthly subscription fee to get matched with an expert ADHD coach, meet weekly to exercise their personalized weekly plan, and track their progress in the app.

The experience

Shimmer is better shown than told. Check out the experience:

1. Join Shimmer—Fill out our intake form then join the app!

2. Meet your coach—Onboarding call & weekly sessions

3. Weekly actionable plans—Support & accountability throughout the week

The science & invitation to collaborate

Our care team, led by Dr. Anil Chacko & Xenia Angevin, designed a brand new integrative bite-sized coaching methodology which is sublimely attuned to the needs of the population with ADHD. Standing on the shoulders of giants, Shimmer coaching is artfully mixed from the best evidence-based strategies used in health coaching, performance coaching, positive psychology and cognitive and behavioral approaches. Shimmer’s culturally-inclusive approach is rooted in the idea of personal values put into practice to empower living authentically and mindfully. The approach is extremely bespoke and designed to fit into the member’s unique life.

In the design process, we took a learning mindset to draw on the expertise of many professions. We spoke with dozens of ADHD experts including clinicians, ADHD organizations, and most importantly, individuals with ADHD. The product is not only integrative, innovative, but rooted in proven methods. We’re always looking to improve, and invite the greater ADHD community’s feedback & expertise. Email if you have ideas!

The future: features to vision

We have a treasure trove of experiences & features that we’re itching to build & roll out. Equally, we’re infinitely flexible and are constantly taking in community and member feedback.

At our core, everything we build is in service to the coaching journey. Each day we ask ourselves how we can make the experience better for our coaches & members, while looking outward to raise awareness & celebration for ADHD brains everywhere.

We’re just getting started… join us to learn more!

Join us!

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With love,

Chris Wang + The entire Shimmer team

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