How To Choose the Best ADHD Body Doubling App for You

11 Most Important Features To Consider

Have you ever noticed it’s easier to get things done when someone else is in the room - even if they’re not helping?

Do you really benefit from working on a team, or love working from a busy coffee shop?

If so, you’ve seen the effect of body doubling on productivity.

If you’ve ever considered using body doubling intentionally to get things done (or, even if you haven’t), this article is for you. We’ll cover the most important things to consider when choosing a body doubling app - particularly if you have ADHD - so you can be sure to get the most bang for your buck.

What Is Body Doubling for ADHD?

Body doubling is a productivity method in which two or more people work in the same space. The concept of body doubling is based on the principle of external regulation - the presence of another person helps to create a conducive environment for productivity and task completion. For people with adult ADHD who are struggling to get things done, this technique can help to create a structured and focused work environment.

10 Most Important Features To Consider

Now that you understand the idea of ADHD body doubling, let’s talk about how to find the best body doubling app for you. It’s become a huge trend - and for good reason, since it’s so effective. I use body doubling all the time - it’s probably one of my favorite ADHD management strategies.

Its popularity, though, means there are a TON of options out there if you’re looking for ADHD body doubling online. Choosing the best body doubling app depends on your preferences, work style, and specific needs. So, let’s talk some of the top features and other considerations.

📲 Compatibility: Where do you usually get work done? Your computer? Phone? Tablet? Many body doubling apps are available across different devices, but not all of them. So before you dive in, ensure that the app is compatible with the devices you use most and their operating system (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android).

Timer and Productivity Tools: If you’re a fan of pomodoros, or struggle with ADHD time blindness, you probably find visual timers essential for getting things done. If that’s you, you’ll want to check to ensure the app includes timer functionality of some kind, so that you’re not caught off guard when the session ends.

🏘️ Community and Networking: Some apps offer a community or networking aspect, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals or join groups focused on specific tasks or goals. It’s not an important feature for me, but for some neurospicy folks, it can really help to have a group or community focused on a common goal, like organization or cleaning, or a common career, like programmers, entrepreneurs, or writers.

🎨 User Interface and Experience: It may not matter to you how aesthetically pleasing an app is, but there’s a reason UX design is a high-paying gig. A user-friendly design is essential for ADHD management, so you’ll want to evaluate the user interface and overall user experience of the app. If you’re spending extra time trying to navigate the app, that’s less time you’re spending on your to-do list.

⚙️ Customization Options: Consider whether the app allows you to customize settings, such as session duration, break times, or the ability to choose your body doubling partners. I personally love an app that has a dark mode option - it really helps reduce overstimulation and mental fatigue, meaning I can work harder, longer.

🧩 Integration with Other Tools: Check if the app integrates with other productivity tools you use, such as task management apps, calendars, or note-taking applications.

🔒 Privacy and Security: If you're using a virtual body doubling app, privacy and security may be important. If that’s a big concern for you, look into the app’s encryption and data protection policies.

🎥 Video Requirements: Speaking of privacy, you may also prefer an ADHD body doubling app that doesn’t make video usage mandatory. Or, maybe you’re just shy; either way, if you’re worried about people seeing you while you work, look for an app that allows you to participate without your camera on.

💵 Cost and Subscription Plans: Consider the cost of the app and whether it fits within your budget. Some apps offer free versions with limited features, while others require a subscription - and those subscription costs vary a LOT from one app to the next. I’ve seen them range from $7.99/month to over $50/month, which is a huge difference in the monthly budget.

👥 Group vs One-on-One: Do you want to work in a group, or prefer to meet one-on-one? This is really just personal preference, and you may need to try both before deciding. But some apps are group-only, some are one-on-one only, and some offer both - so if it’s an important factor for you, don’t forget to check.

🕝 Session Length: Finally, think about the type of work you’re considering doing during your body doubling sessions, and how long you want to spend on that work. If you use the pomodoro method, for example, you may prefer apps with shorter sessions. Personally, I can’t complete most of my tasks in that short time frame, and the interruption would be too distracting; so, I opt for body doubling apps with sessions between 60-90 minutes.

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Choosing the Best Body Doubling App for Your ADHD (Closing Thoughts)

There you have it! Ultimately, the best body doubling app is one that suits your individual preferences and helps you create a focused and productive work environment. Try out a few options to see which one aligns best with your workflow and enhances your overall productivity. As with any other app, choosing the option that works best for your brain often means the difference between success and taking up space on your phone, which you could really use for more memes and pictures of your dog.

(Or is that just me? 😅)

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