Lessons learned from coaching 1,000 adults with ADHD

A celebration of our Shimmer ADHD members

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July 6, 2023

We supported 1,000 amazing humans in their ADHD journey. We’re taking a moment to take it in, celebrate our amazing coaches, and of course… celebrate these 1,000 courageous members 🎉 Since our launch in October ‘22, this has been a dream come true for us.

A brief introduction and why this is important to us

The Shimmer team is known for going the extra mile by actively involving our members in the design process and seeking their feedback. Between the co-founders, Vikram and myself, we have personally spoken to over 75% of our members. And since we offer 1:1 coaching, our coaches have weekly conversations with 100% of our members. For us, the number 1,000 represents more than just a numerical milestone. It signifies 1,000 individuals with ADHD whom we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know, witnessing their progress and paving the way for future individuals with ADHD to heal and grow.

Today, we are honoring our 1,000 members by sharing (1) why they came to us, and (2) how they’ve taken ownership of their ADHD journey and grown. This serves two important purposes: to reassure all those with ADHD who may feel alone that they are not alone, and to instill hope that they too can achieve the life they deserve.

But first, let's quickly recap the basics for those who are new to Shimmer:

  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that makes it difficult to regulate actions and emotions and complete everyday tasks at work and at home. It is often related to anxiety, depression, relationship problems, personal/professional stress and disruption, substance abuse, and more.
  • ADHD Coaching is a behavioral approach that assists individuals with ADHD in managing their symptoms, developing strategies, and achieving their goals. ADHD coaching involves a partnership between an individual with ADHD (you) and an expert ADHD coach, facilitating personal growth and unlocking full potential.
  • Shimmer is the leading ADHD Coaching Platform for adults, launched in October 2022 following the diagnosis of ADHD in our co-founder and CEO, Chris. Through Shimmer, individuals are matched with one of our 20+ expert ADHD coaches, who they meet with weekly via video sessions. Support is available throughout the week via our app. Dr. Anil Chacko, PhD, and Xenia Angevin, NB-HWC, EMCC, lead Shimmer's Care & Coaching team.

Now, let's delve into the interesting part.

10 top reasons why members start Shimmer ADHD coaching

We are so grateful to have supported 1,000 incredible individuals on their ADHD journey. As we reflect on this milestone, we’d like to spotlight the reasons why these courageous members chose to take the leap. In this section, we will explore the top 10 reasons that drove Shimmer members take their step into ADHD coaching.

1. Frustration over lost time prior to their diagnosis.

“I’m angry. At all the adults in my life who never noticed my ADHD. At myself. At all the lost time I could have been getting treatment and support. At all the years I beat myself up because I thought I was dumb. At all the things I could have achieved by now.”
—Shimmer member

2. Desire to unlock their full potential.

"I'm not getting 100% out of myself, and I want to solve it."
—Shimmer member

3. Disrupted structures due to major life changes (e.g., job loss, job change, moving to a new school, depression, anxiety, transitioning to remote work).

“I just moved to NYC after going through a breakup. This shift eroded all structures I had in place to manage my ADHD back home.”
—Shimmer member

4. General feelings of overwhelm.

"I need help figuring out how to create some sort of 'normalcy' in my life, a place where things feel doable and not dictated by deadlines. I'm tired of doing everything on 'hard mode.”
—Shimmer member

5. Feeling stuck and struggling to make progress towards long-term goals.

"I have a mental block when it comes to my long-term goals. These goals are deeply connected to my heart and personal dreams, and I know I have the potential to achieve them. However, I find myself getting sidetracked by numerous side quests. I want to focus on the main quest."
—Shimmer member

6. Recently diagnosed with ADHD and seeking to understand their condition better.

“I want to gain a better understanding of ADHD and how it affects my brain."
—Shimmer member

7. Desire to be a better employee, boss, partner, parent, or friend.

“I’m constantly overstimulated and overwhelmed, and as a mom, I don’t want that passing down to my daughter. I want her to have a mom she can reliably depend on—I want to be her rock.”
—Shimmer member

8. Inability to complete long-term projects without intermittent deadlines.

"I struggle to finish long-term projects that don't have intermediate deadlines to keep me motivated and on track."
—Shimmer member

9. Dissatisfaction with their current job or the desire to find a new job.

"I want to find the right job that aligns with my interests and abilities. I want to work at a place where I'm not bored out of my mind”
—Shimmer member

10. Seeking direction and purpose in life.

"I feel like I'm just floating in space, lacking a clear sense of direction or “why”."
—Shimmer member

If you resonated with any (or all) of the above, you’re not alone! For many of our members, coming to Shimmer was the "last straw" before seeking help. We don't want you to reach that point! If you're considering reaching out to us, do it sooner rather than later. It's when you're in a good place that it becomes easier to establish new routines and habits.

10 top ways members use Shimmer

Now, let’s delve into the ways in which Shimmer members have taken advantage of and ultimately owned their ADHD coaching experience.

1. Strengthened awareness of their unique ADHD symptoms & journey

“It all started with a better awareness of what is ADHD in my life. From there, I was able to start working with instead of against my ADHD. I was able to set up the right systems & routines.”
—Shimmer member

2. Accountability to get the things they know they need to get done

“For me, the best part is the accountability I get from another person who knows exactly what I’m working on each week.”
—Shimmer member

3. An expert mirror who helps them reflect who they are and notice things they may not even notice

“My coaches helps me realize how much progress I’ve made over the last few months. When say ‘I’m so bad at this’, she reminds me how far I’ve come since we’ve began, and she helps me challenge my negative perceptions of myself."
—Shimmer member

4. Weekly, consistent forcing function to think about their ADHD & life goals

“I love that there’s a dedicated, safe space each week that I can rely on to actually work on myself. Before Shimmer, I was floating past week by week on autopilot.”
—Shimmer member

5. Compassion & understanding from someone who understands ADHD

“The compassion I get from my Shimmer coach is unparalleled—she has ADHD, she owns her own business, she appreciates my worldview, and she helps me find strategies that are actually specific to me.”
—Shimmer member

6. Renewed confidence in themselves and strengthened self esteem

“I grew up thinking I was a bad kid. I was the one sitting next to the teacher. This really impacted my confidence going into adulthood. My coach helped me navigate this and redesign a life that’s future-oriented.”
—Shimmer member

7. Personalized tools, routines, and systems co-designed with them and their ADHD coach

“In sessions with other coaches I’ve had, it feels formulaic, like a finite state machine. This then this then that. With Coach Xenia, I can feel there’s a process but it’s also hyper-personalized to me.”
—Shimmer member

8. Focus on what is important for that week

“Shimmer helps me narrow in on the few things that are important each week. The app keeps it top of mind for me and my coach checks in on me, so I can’t let them slip.”
—Shimmer member

9. Encouragement & celebration by someone gets them

“My coach is a real person who’s in my corner, cheering me on. She’s one of my cheerleaders, you know?”
—Shimmer member

10. A safe, guided thinking space to process the week, reflect, and move forward

“I was so overwhelmed by all the different apps and tools. With Shimmer, the feeling is opposite. It’s an open, safe space each week where we have a focused conversation about my week.”
—Shimmer member

Our incredible members have each part of the Shimmer experience to fuel their growth—each week we hear about promotions at work, deepened (or even saved) relationships, successful bonding trips with family, books being written, graduation from school, the list goes on! Check out the public success stories & testimonials here.

Closing note & excitement for the future

We acknowledge that, in the grand scheme of things, our achievement of supporting 1,000 adults with ADHD is just the beginning. It is a small fraction when compared to the 15 million adults (in the US and Canada, alone!) who have ADHD. However, we firmly believe in celebrating the process and cherishing each step along the way.

In our upcoming chapter, our focus is on balance. We are excited to discover a new sense of balance amidst the chaos of the world and our chaotic minds. At Shimmer, we are committed to consciously building the next generation of ADHD care in a way that nourishes us. We like to think that one of our superpowers at Shimmer is creating bridges and finding balance where others have created divisions. Here are our commitments to the balance and bridges we are constructing. Hold us accountable in finding balance between:

  1. Real human interaction & technology: Our amazing, talented, expert ADHD coaches are the core of the experience. We know the importance of compassion, love, and understanding. We commit to amplifying their humanness with technology, rather than replacing.
  2. Accessibility & healthy technology use: For our lovely neurodivergent member & coach base, we recognize the importance of accessibility—using the right gentle reminders & rewards to promote behaviors. Our aim is to use Shimmer to help you step away from screens rather than keeping you glued to them.
  3. Holistic health & targeted ADHD support: ADHD encompasses more than just its negative symptoms and challenges. We commit to supporting you in your overall life journey, including goals, values, aspirations, and more, all while addressing your specific ADHD needs along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to celebrate this milestone with us. We look forward to embarking on this next phase with you, as we continue to empower individuals with ADHD to thrive and live fulfilling lives.

Live better, with ADHD
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