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What is shimmer? Why start a blog? How do I publish?

What we care about and how to start writing with us

Published on
April 2, 2021

If you’re looking for a supportive community of young adults dedicated to improving their well-being, shimmer’s the move! Our goal is to create a space for vulnerable conversations and lasting relationships, and we believe that often starts with empowering people and their stories. We are looking for writers who embrace their unique mental health experiences and are comfortable sharing them with others. We welcome pieces around awareness, advocacy, advice, and personal stories.

Core values

Joining shimmer starts with understanding our core values, which serve as our unwavering guide for our content and community.

  • Compassion: We care about the people around us, and are rooted in our desire to help. We also know that we have different emotional boundaries, and encourage each other to respect those.
  • Balance: We believe that life is a complex balancing act that is unique to each one of us. We understand the importance of respecting and encouraging each other to nourish the different parts of our life.
  • Inclusion: We celebrate the uniqueness of each member in our community—whether that’s who you are, where you’re from, or what you believe in. We bring our full selves to the table.
  • Community: Spending quality time with others and fostering a sense of belonging is core to shimmer’s ethics. We believe in strength in numbers, and that we can face anything together.

Publication guidelines

  • Embodies shimmer’s core values
  • Related to well-being, mental health, or self improvement
  • Treatment-related claims are backed by well-researched scientific evidence.
  • If you do offer advice, it should be explicitly mentioned that it is based on personal experience. This is not a place to provide any clinical advice (unless you have a license, degree, or significant professional experience).
  • We have NO tolerance for any hate speech or discriminatory language
  • Content warnings are required for any potentially triggering material (abuse, self-harm, suicide).

Editorial guidelines:

  • Clear hyperlinked references for any quoted or referenced materials, research, or studies.
  • Landscape images (ideally around 1200 x 628) rather than portraits are strongly preferred. 
  • Cite any images you don’t own (here’s a guide for that)

If you’re interested in writing for us, shoot an email to me at and our editor will take a look! We’re so excited to welcome you to our community!


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