18 Fierce ADHD Women to Follow on Instagram this International Women’s Day

The ADHD Women Who Are Trailblazing on Instagram

As we step into Women's History Month and approach International Women’s Day, it's time to shine a spotlight on the incredible women who are not only navigating the complexities of ADHD but are also using their experiences to empower and educate others. The under-diagnosis of ADHD in women has long been an issue, often due to gender bias in the medical community and societal expectations.

However, the narrative is slowly changing, thanks in part to social media platforms where women with ADHD are sharing their stories, challenges, and triumphs, making others feel seen and less alone.

Following diverse perspectives on ADHD is crucial for understanding the full spectrum of experiences and challenges faced by those living with ADHD. It helps in breaking down stereotypes and promoting a more inclusive understanding of neurodiversity. Social media, particularly Instagram, has emerged as a powerful tool for community building, offering support and resources to those who may have felt isolated in their experiences. With that in mind, this post introduces some of the top neurodivergent women on Instagram.

17 Women Creators You Should Follow Today

1. Geraldine “Cherry” Kostrewa (@cherry.adhd, 412K followers)

Geraldine Kostrewa, better known as Cherry on Instagram, is a beacon for parents navigating ADHD. She vulnerably shares her journey as a mother with ADHD, offering insights into the challenges of parenting, time management, and emotional regulation. She is one fierce woman, humanizing the experience of ADHD.

2. Izzie Chea (@laneuropicante, 82K followers)

Izzie’s content is focused on advocacy & story telling in the Latine community. She shares her lived experience as a neurodivergent Latina, and is also the founder of an ADHD community called the Accountable Otters. Izzie is a force to be reckoned with, and a beast with the memes!

3. Jaye Lin (@adhdjaye, 3K followers)

Jaye Lin is an ADHD coach, speaker, instructor, and podcaster, and is the first ADHD-trained peer coach at Google. Although she’s an “up-and-coming” creator on Instagram, she’s extremely well known in the community. Jaye co-hosts the Asians with ADHD support group at ADDA with our co-founder & CEO, Chris!

4. Danielle Alvarez (@zelue, 20K followers)

Danielle’s content spans the AuDHD spectrum and covers important topics from the intersection of Autism & ADHD, black AuDHD community, parenting, and much more. Follow this incredible woman to learn more about her journey through diagnosis, unmasking, and being a mom.

5. Trina Haynes (@myladyadhd, 189K followers)

Trina is truly a woman who does it all! Her content spans parenting, workplace neurodiversity and advocacy, ADHD community events, ADHD coaching, and much more. Trina’s page is jam packed with insights, tips, and actions. Don’t miss out!

6. Emma Llewellyn (@mindovermatterwithemma, 269K followers)

Emma is the queen of elegantly communicating the most relatable aspects of ADHD in simple terms (perhaps only tied with @adhdjesse, who unfortunately did not make this list since he’s not a woman). She artfully shows the vulnerabilities of her AuDHD & parenting daily life in simple-to-understand formats.

7. Ariana Gonzalez (@aaari.adhd, 91K followers)

Self proclaimed as “Unapologetically Neurodivergent,” Ari brings the heat in the best way possible. She talks about all things Latine & ADHD, being an ADHD mom, and honestly just unapologetically being herself. Follow her for a daily dose of truth bombing!

8. Dr. Janine Maschke (@adhd_empowerment_coaching, 146K followers)

Dr. Janine is a cognitive psychologist that creates incredibly knowledgeable yet relatable content about ADHD. She has a knack for creating educational content in a digestible way. Check out her page - you won’t regret it.

9. Emily McDonald (@emonthebrain, 579K followers)

Emily is a neuroscientist & coach that creates science-backed, bite-sized content focused on ADHD and spirituality. If you follow her, you know she’s a dose of sunshine in your stories each day, sending positive affirmations when you need it most.

10. Ellie Middleton (@elliemidds, 66K followers)

Ellie is an autistic ADHDer who has moved mountains to raise awareness and reduce stigma for both ADHD and Autism communities. You can find her in the latest dopamine dresses (which I’m always jealous of!) speaking everywhere from TEDx to Google.

11. Hayley Honeyman (@hayley.honeyman, 177K followers)

Hayley is a power woman who is unapologetically herself. She creates content that will make you cry, laugh, and look critically inward at yourself and your life in the best way possible. She is also a coach and entrepreneur, and (we’re lucky!) a Shimmer partner creator!

12. Telicia “Dr Tish” Gentile (@truly_tish_adhd, 82K followers)

Dr. Tish is a fairy god mother in the ADHD community, always on point with visualizing complex topics about ADHD in simple and digestible ways. Check out her podcast and IG for more on brain health & ADHD.

13. Lina Fang (@ndwellness.official, 108K followers)

As an Asian-Canadian with ADHD, Lina is the first creator that felt like she was taking feelings and thoughts I had never been able to express and communicate it so eloquently. A therapist by training, Lina acts out ADHD & Autism experiences in the most relatable and educational ways.

14. Dr. Sasha Hamdani (@thepsychdoctormd, 576K followers)

Dr. Sasha is a board certified psychiatrist, author, and creator who perfectly balances science & relatability. She talks about everything from dating to emotions to executive functions, and I guarantee you’ll be binging her content if you aren’t already!

15. Morgan Foley (@morgaanfoley, 192K followers)

Morgan is an Autistic ADHDer who creates relatable content about her experiences growing up with Autism and ADHD. She acts out her experiences in a relatable way, with the perfect dose of humor and science. Another binge-worthy account!

16. Meredith Carder (@hummingbird_adhd, 166K followers)

Meredith is a force of a woman, creating science-backed content in visual, audio, and 1:1 forms. She talks about topics from burnout to workplace to parenting, and is a ray of sunshine of a person.

17. Jessica McCabe (@howtoadhd, 220K followers)

I know I’m cheating a bit since Jessica is a YouTube sensation that you likely know about already (if you don’t—head to How to ADHD on YouTube now!). Her channel’s content is literally prescribed by doctors and other healthcare providers as the main source of digestible psycho-education, and spans almost every ADHD topic under the sun. I recently listened to her book, also conveniently called How to ADHD, and cried multiple times from how much I related to her early experiences of undiagnosed ADHD.

These women’s contributions to Instagram and beyond are not only changing the narrative around ADHD but also building bridges of understanding, support, and empowerment for those navigating similar journeys. By sharing their lived experiences, these women are dismantling stereotypes, fostering inclusivity, and highlighting the intersectionality within the ADHD community. They illustrate the strength found in vulnerability, the importance of community support, and the transformative power of embracing one's true self.

This Women's History Month, let's commit to amplifying the voices of women with ADHD, supporting their work, and recognizing their contributions to our understanding of neurodiversity. By following and engaging with these fierce women, we join a movement towards greater awareness, acceptance, and action in the face of ADHD and beyond.

Lastly, you can also follow me, where I create content about ADHD. I’m just building up my personal account, so bear with the low follower count.

18. Christal “Chris” Wang (, 13K followers & @adhd.christal, 52 followers)

I’m a late-diagnosed ADHDer who talks about ADHD, and more specifically, the experiences & intersections of AAPI, LGBTQ+, and being a founder. Our content is a mix of educational carousels on various topics and challenges that are most alive for our coaching members, and reels where I break down quality, science-backed knowledge and tips from our ADHD coaches and experts.

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