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What is ADHD?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition affecting about 4% of adults worldwide.

Most people have occasional difficulty sitting still, focusing, or controlling impulsive behavior. But for people with ADHD these problems may be so frequent or intense that they interfere with functioning at home, school, work, and in relationships.

Below are the 3 types of ADHD presentations.


What most people think of when they hear "ADHD"

Fidgets, bounces leg

Talks a lot

Restless, racing thoughts

Interrupts frequently


Not as outwardly visible, and is common in women

Easily distracted

Hard to pay attention

Less follow-through

Slow processing of info


Most common type of ADHD (65% of clinical cases)

Inattentive symptoms

Hyperactive-impulsive symptoms

executive functions

3 areas where ADHD shows up

Executive functioning is a collection of functions in a brain which are said to be actively making a future which is different and better from the past. It is the “I” of the brain, the island of our personal freedom. For adults with ADHD, the “I” centre shows up through  three "Shimmer Mastery" contexts, because they can each be mastered accordingly.


Our coaches focus on ADHD, have ADHD, work with hundreds of ADHD clients


Our Program promotes daily actions to make changes at the right pace for your patients


Our coaches support your patients throughout the week & keep them accountable

"I was diagnosed at 40 years old, when my son was diagnosed. When they read the symptoms out to me, I was like, wait... that's me. This list was written for me. I resonated so deeply."

45-55 y/o

Shimmer ADHD Coaching Member

"I struggled throughout school to keep my grades up. People would call me lazy, or tell me to apply myself. It frustrated me to the bone, because I was trying SO hard. Then when I got to college, one of my professors noticed and cared—he pointed me in the right direction and I finally have a diagnosis and can get treatment and accommodations."

18-24 y/o

Shimmer ADHD Coaching Member

"I was diagnosed this year. I just got by, until adult life happened. I started a 'real job' and I am scared to death about making a careless mistake or missing a deadline. My boss gave me the feedback— 'you're supposed to help me get organized'!"

25-34 y/o

Shimmer ADHD Coaching Member

taking care

How is ADHD treated?

Medication: The right dosage and type of medication can help you concentrate, persevere, manage your time, and resist distractions.

Therapy: Specific types of psychological therapists that target your ADHD-related difficulties can help you manage your ADHD

Coaching: ADHD coaching can help you set & fulfill goals, learn skills, and improve health & well-being in general

Self-management & Learning: You can learn strategies, tools, and coping skills using online resources