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The original bite-sized ADHD coaching. Science-backed, innovative, fits in your pocket, and won’t break your pocket.
How it works
Shimmer’s flagship bite-sized ADHD coaching consists of weekly 15-min laser-focused coaching sessions, sandwiching weekly take-home tasks & accountability.
Dedicated 1:1 expert ADHD coach
Weekly 15-min laser-focused coaching sessions
Focus actions tracked via Shimmer app
Ongoing resources, accountability and chat access with your coach
Our unique approach
We’ve all watched the videos, read the tips, and downloaded the apps. We’re overwhelmed with the amount of information that seems to work for “everyone but me”. We’re missing what’s below the iceberg: an expert to help you cut through the noise and find what works for YOU.

Shimmer’s methodology is strength-based—those of us with ADHD are special, if tapped into effectively. However, we humbly acknowledge the realities & expectations of our modern day-to-day life, and support you in building the systems & skills you need to thrive with ADHD.

A program that works for you, finally!

If you’re like us, you’ve tried everything. Yet, we still hang our hope on the “next one”. We’ve been there as well. Here’s what may be going wrong, and what we do differently.
Personalized systems
No more cookie cutter solutions. Your coaching journey is personalized to you.
Accountability cycle
We’re sick of our own excuses. Even just verbalizing your focus for the week to your coach increases chances of success!
Habit formation science
It’s not just about tips & tricks. We use habit formation & behavior change science to give that strategy it’s best chance at succeeding!
We’ve spent our whole life being called “lazy”. The trick isn’t just to power through blindly, we help you use your unique strengths to achieve your goals!

The Shimmer Experience

You’ll partner with an expert ADHD coach in a 1:1 relationship. You’ll work together—your ADHD coach with the knowledge & frameworks, and you as the expert of your life. Together, you’ll achieve great heights!
Weekly coaching session
During your 15-min video laser-focused coaching session, you’ll reflect, discuss, and plan next week’s tasks
Actions, commitments, and tasks
You’ll track & mark off progress on your tasks in the Shimmer app. It’ll ping your coach each time!
Ongoing support & accountability
Your coach will send you relevant resources, exercises, or simply be your cheerleader—all via the app.

Shimmer’s ADHD Coaching Tracks

Standing on the shoulders of giants, Shimmer coaching is artfully mixed from the best evidence-based strategies used in health coaching, performance coaching, positive psychology and cognitive and behavioural approaches.
Newly diagnosed
For those who are newly diagnosed, newly exploring their diagnosis, or unsure if they have ADHD
Through psycho-education & reflection, you’ll learn the latest science on ADHD, explore how it impacts your life specifically, and intentionally craft your ongoing relationship with ADHD
Value-aligned living
For those who would like to understand themselves better & improve their overall quality of life.
Most similar to ADHD life coaching, we use Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT) methods to help you establish a vision, identify your values, and live a value-aligned life with ADHD.
Operating system
For those with specific areas they’d like to strengthen, with executive function being the most common.
Akin to an expanded version of executive function coaching, we help you discover and implement the systems, routines, and skills to help you reach your full potential.
Our 3 tracks provide a guideline & framework to start the conversation. Each coaching relationship is unique, and most members work across multiple coaching tracks.
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