Unlock the Secrets to Self-Care


About this event:

Join us on Wednesday, June 30th at 6 PM PDT for the latest installment in our Shimmer Wellness Series! This week's FREE workshop, "Unlock the Secrets to Self-Care," features mental health therapist Sharon Kim.

Self-care can be hard. Instead of relieving stress, trying to find time for yourself while dealing with a mountain of responsibilities is in itself stressful. To make matters worse, unforeseen barriers frequently pop up in our lives, making it seemingly impossible to practice self-care daily.

In this session, we will be reframing the self-care conversation and focusing on how to be intentional in your practice, as well as touch on how to identify and overcome barriers in your life. Gain clarity and feel empowered simply by practicing self-care differently!

What you can expect at this workshop:
✨ A supportive and open environment to ask questions
✨ Small-interactive breakout rooms to talk about important topics with others
✨ Fun poll questions around key ideas
✨ New ways to grow as a person

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