Become Your Best Self and Take Control of Your Future


About this event:

"What gives my life meaning?" "How can I find what makes me unique?" "Who do I want to be in the future?"
These days, it seems more and more difficult to answer these types of questions than ever before. 😔 Social media, celebrities, and influencer culture continually remind us with assertions that we are less than worthy, and even our own failures seem to reinforce that from time to time. Moreover, good role models are hard to come across (and even harder to connect with), which makes navigating a big world alone all the more anxiety/depression-inducing. 😩

In this wellness session, we will be exploring with counseling psychologist and healer, Suzy Dito, what it means to become your best self, and how to truly live a fulfilling life. 🤩 All experience levels welcome, and our only requirement is to bring your full self to the workshop conversations!

What you can expect at this workshop:
✨ A supportive and open environment to ask questions
✨ Small-interactive breakout rooms to talk about important topics with others
✨ Fun poll questions around key ideas
✨ New ways to grow as a person

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